About Hazzer...

I am an artist who likes putting smiles on people’s faces and inspiring creativeness though my artwork. 


​If someone asked me how I got started in the art world, it would take me back to being 16 doodling in a sketchbook. I remember being asked by a nearby builder, who had seen one particular sketch, if I would be willing to sell it. He wanted to make it into a tattoo… And from there an idea formed for me. A vision. I saw the potential for my work, which has led me to where I am today.

People often ask me have you always been good at art? To be honest, I would have to tell the truth and say I have always known. I have always had a particular way of seeing the world through colours and shapes, and my artwork is my way of explaining and sharing this with the world.

It has always been inspiring to see the power of art in helping people, and this has driven my work for a long time. The art that I develop is often made of many facets, with many hidden meanings. Hiding these meanings within my work has always been a big part of my work, even in the pieces that are mostly realistic. ​

Harry in doven

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